BigDump: Staggered MySQL Dump Importer v0.29b

cgi-bin62018-09-03 14:38:57Misc   
.well-known282018-09-03 14:40:02Misc   
wbb3.php177092018-09-07 00:51:25Misc   
.htaccess.preinstall4362018-09-08 00:15:46Misc   
agreement.danish-utf8.txt32372016-07-05 20:57:35Misc   
convert.php997692018-09-15 23:20:52Misc   
msd40962019-02-20 10:58:51Misc   
wbb282018-09-16 00:31:56Misc 00:33:32Misc   
error_log20568562019-02-12 11:53:15Misc   
wcf1192018-09-16 00:53:24Misc   
index.php~146122018-09-16 01:45:59Misc   
SSI.php~744352018-09-16 01:45:59Misc   
.htaccess.backup20122018-09-16 01:47:22Misc   
gff40962018-10-10 22:30:38Misc   
gff13292018-10-10 23:23:11Misc   
.htaccess_old20122018-09-16 01:47:22Misc   

You can now upload your dump file up to 1073741824 bytes (1024 Mbytes) directly from your browser to the server. Alternatively you can upload your dump files of any size via FTP.

Dump file:

Note: The current mySQL connection charset is utf8. Your dump file must be encoded in utf8 in order to avoid problems with non-latin characters. You can change the connection charset using the $db_connection_charset variable in bigdump.php

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